Return of the Jets

Return of the Jets:

A short, editorial-cartoon-style board based on the politics behind the return of the Winnipeg Jets. The main goal of this board was to focus on breaking down a complex idea into an easily readable, iconic story by utilizing existing logos and likenesses from the National Hockey League while introducing the Jets' new logo in a unique and visually interesting fashion.

For those viewers unfamiliar with the political maneuverings of the National Hockey League, the following is the condensed version of the back story:

After 15 years, the city of Winnipeg finally has an NHL hockey franchise back in town. Rumours had circulated throughout much of the summer of 2011 that the Phoenix Coyotes franchise were to be relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba - the franchise's former home. The time was right and league commissioner Gary Bettman simply had to pull the trigger on the deal. But at the last minute the Coyote's were bought out by the city of Glendale - keeping them in Arizona. Fortunately for Winnipeg hockey fans another NHL franchise was burning the last of its economic fuel in a disinterested US hockey market. The Atlanta Thrashers were officially sold to True North Sports and Entertainment Group on June 21, 2011 and three days later the franchise was re-branded as the Winnipeg Jets.

Note: This video is in no way endorsed by the NHL and the logos/likenesses have been used for the purpose of satirical entertainment, without the permission of the NHL.

My original idea for this story was summed up in a one panel, editorial comic. At the time of creating this comic it was widely believed that the Phoenix Coyotes were soon to be relocated to Winnipeg. Upon hearing the news of their revival and the introduction of a new character in the Atlanta Thrashers, I couldn't resist expanding this one panel comic into a short film storyboard.